Our Heritage

Our Church met for the first time on May 2, 1840 here in the village of Portland. The first building was completed between the village square and Bridge Street in 1860. The cornerstone for the present auditorium was laid in 1876 and the present parsonage was built in 1899. In 1958, a Sunday School annex was built on the east side of the church. By 1984, property for the parking lot was purchased. Then in 1990, the present auditorium was reconditioned, an entrance foyer was added, and a barrier free elevator was installed. In the Fall of 2000 a multipurpose wing was added to the church, in 2009 an additional lot for future expansion of our parking space was acquired, and in 2010 the auditorium was completely renovated.

Thirty-four Pastors have served the church faithfully since 1841. In 1931 the church withdrew from the Northern Baptist Convention. Then in 1943 the church united in Fellowship with the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches.

We have a long and prestigious heritage here in Portland. If the Lord should tarry, we look forward with eager anticipation to what the future holds for us.

Our Pastors

Pastor Gary Coleman is our current Senior Pastor. 

Our Facility

Below you will find some glimpses of our facility. We hope the following pictures will give you an idea of the environment in which we worship, teach, preach, learn, fellowship, pray and play together!

Our church building.

Welcome inside. We hope you'll enjoy your visit!

Our auditorium, fully renovated in 2010.

Another view of our auditorium.

Our little ones mean a lot to us, no matter how small! What a privilege it is to care for His children (Mark 10:13-14).

Our fellowship hall serves as a bible study room, Awana� game room, basketball court for the weekly men's game, banquet hall for our annual hunter's banquet and many many more gatherings.

In the 'attic' our youngsters enjoy great fellowship and study time.

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